Study Tracks

Studies at Anières Elite Academy are a challenging and intriguing journey of excellence for the young people who have joined this program in Israel. Here, the future isn’t just a dream, at Anières Elite Academy the dream comes true.

High School
High School
Multicultural social experience
Academic scholarship
Room and board at WIZO Nahalal Youth Village
Accumulation of academic credits
Psychometric exam preparation course
Enrichment and Reinforcement lessons
High level Science-Technology academic track
Academic Reserves
Academic Reserves
Annual support stipend from the military
Academic scholarship for BA in Engineering at the Technion
Ongoing support from the graduates department
Basic training and Officer's training
Residence in Technion dormitories
Military service in the IDF
Military service in the IDF
Significant contribution to state security
Accumulation of seniority and professional management-command experience
Accompanying the graduates department
3 years of permanent service
36 months of compulsory service as an academic officer
Deployment in technological and engineering units
אייקון יוצאים לכבוש את העולם
Setting off to conquer the dream!