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Our Story ​


Anières. Changing Lives. Creating Futures.

Anières. Where It All Began.

Originally, Anières, a small town in Switzerland near Geneva, had been the place in which ORT Central Institute was established in 1947 to educate young excelling students from around the world, in order to train a new generation of teachers for ORT schools worldwide.

1958 to 1997
Anières, Switzerland. A Higher Form Of Technical Education.
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Later, the ORT Central Institute in Anières decided on harnessing its innovative facilities and high quality personnel to qualify engineers to apply to the Geneva School of Engineers (formally Technicum) until the program ended in 1997.
Instead of being the end of our story, that was just the beginning.

Anières Elite Academy.
nowdays anieres building

A History-making new initiative has led to a miraculous resurgence of Anières: The Anières Elite Academy Program is established in 2012 by World ORT in cooperation with the Na’aleh program of the Ministry of Education, the Technion, the WIZO Nahalal Youth Village and the Jewish Agency. The program enrolled junior high brilliant students, from Israel and the Diaspora, and offered them prompt STEM studies, to accompany them all the way to engineering studies at the Technion.

2021 to 2022
A Decade of Activity. Launching Phase II.
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In 2021 the Anières Elite Academy entered a new phase.
With the change of a name, to Anières Program, we started offering our financial, personal and academic support to students in premium engineering faculties at the Technion, originating from the geographical and social periphery of Israel and around the world. 

2022 to 2023
Anières House. Opening Our Doors, Literally.
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The Anières House, opening its doors to Anières students in October 2022, is the truest successor of the historical ORT Central Institute in Anières, Switzerland. The Anières House is located at the heart of the Technion, and is intended to accommodate approximately 120 Anières students, and offer the whole Anières community a variety of activities, workshops and lectures of interest.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it”
Anieres labs

(Abraham Lincoln)