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Anières. Creating Futures

Anières program is an excellence scholarship program, founded by World ORT in Israel in 2012.

Our scholarship is offered to students from social and geographic periphery studying in premium faculties at the Technion.

The Anières program also provides its participants a skilled team to guide and accompany each and every student, in order to ensure his or her optimal integration academically and socially.

Our students form a strong and supportive community.
That community will always find the doors of the Anières House, located at the heart of the Technion, open for them to enjoy various social activities, lectures and workshops.

Becoming a part of the
Anières Program

here’s what you’ll get:

A Tuition scholarship

A Personal and social support

 by our team and the Anières community

Social and cultural activities

(in accordance with Technion criteria)​

Anières | Wish to Apply?

In order to apply to the Anières Program you’ll have to meet these criteria:

Application Form

Please fill your details below and provide the following documents:

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