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Anières Alumni Association

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2024 Alumni Graduation Event

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Anières Alumni Association was established in 2023 in the spirit of its historical ancestor – the Anières Alumni Association of ORT Central Institute in Anières, Switzerland.
Our association wishes to create a life-long brand-oriented community integrating the spirit and values of ORT and Anières program of Israel’s forefronters in the industry, academia and public leadership.  As we strive to be the spearheads of Israel’s brighter future, together we wish to improve the lives of others and the world.

Among the Anières Program’s Alumni Association’s activities – annual meetings, soft skills workshops, community activities within the Alumni Association and as a form of giving back and supporting the Anières students.

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Alumni Association Objectives

Creating a supportive network from the graduation all the way to “becoming Israel’s forefront” and beyond

Enrichment of the association members with relevant tools

Strengthening the bond between the organization members, the present Anières Program students and the historic Anières ORT Central Institute alumni

Promoting the members of the Anières Alumni Association and providing opportunities for the alumni

Anières Alumni Association - Leading Committee

מיכאל קלינוב

Mikhail Klinov, Chairman

Electrical Engineering (year of 2020)

שי אילייב

Shai Ilyaev, Community Manager

Physics (year of 2023)

שיר לוי

Shir Levi, Head of Communication

Mechanical Engineering (year of 2021)

מרסדס ווסקובויניק

Mercedes Voscoboinik, Community Events’ Planner

Aerospace Engineering (year of 2023)

שרון חבה

Sharon Haba, Community Events' Planner

Chemical Engineering (year of 2023)