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Marc Hamon Anières House. Opening Our Doors, Literally.

students holding keys

The Anières House, opening its doors to Anières students in October 2022, is the truest successor of the historical ORT Central Institute in Anières, Switzerland.

The Anières House is located at the heart of the Technion, and is intended to accommodate approximately 120 Anières students, and offer the whole Anières community a variety of activities, workshops and lectures of interest.

A few days before the opening of a new academic year at the Technion, a new era has started for the Anières Program – we inaugurated the Marc Hamon Anières House – a dormitory building for our students studying at the Technion.

Future plans? Aside from new and spacious apartments, our students will also find common study spaces in the building, a social club for workshops, lectures and meetings to be held, a large balcony where you can meet for fun and much more. 


Anières Program management excitedly reports: “Marc Hamon Anières House is a very significant step forward on the way to achieving our goals – building a large community, based on the values of the historical institution founded by World ORT in Switzerland. Our students join as a link in a long and strong chain. Each individual makes it stronger and is able to pass it on to future generations. Our Alumni Association, under the leadership of the organization’s president and alumnus of historic Anières, Jacques Levy, continues to support and inspire our students. Today, after years of activity, the first 50 graduates of the program began their journey with us as teenagers at Wizo Nahalal, aged 14-15, completed their studies at the Technion and will receive their graduation certificates this summer. Afterwards, these alumni will go out to influence the outside world. They will become the forefront of Israeli society, no less”.