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Anières Program Spring Semester Opening Event

The Anières Program recently held its Spring Semester Opening Event, welcoming approximately 230 of its students back for another semester of learning and achievements. The event was graced by the presence of several esteemed guests, including the Anières Program’s founder, Mr. Marc Hamon; the program’s executive director and historic Alumni Association president, Jacques Levy; and the Technion’s dean of students, Prof. Ayelet Fishman.

Marc Hamon and Jacques Levy took to the stage (thanks to Zoom) to deliver words of encouragement to the students. Acknowledging the complexities of the current times, they commended the students for their unwavering motivation and dedication to their studies. 

Following, Adi Yoffe, a renowned trendologist and futurist delivered an inspiring lecture, providing the students with valuable insights and frameworks for staying ahead of the curve and navigating future trends.

To close the exciting evening, Ira Lotman, the Anières Program manager, took the stage. She provided a comprehensive summary of the program’s activities during the first semester, highlighting the strength of the community, the growth of the program and the activity of the Anières Alumni Association. She also shared the program’s plans for the upcoming semester, leaving the students eager to delve deeper into their academic pursuits and personal development.

Shimon Shoham Berrebi, a member of the Anières Program’s students leading committee concluded with a smile, “The opening event of our spring semester was very exciting. It was heartwarming to receive words of encouragement from the program’s founder, Marc Hamon. Given these complex times, I was moved to discover that we are in his thoughts. It was nice to meet friends and other Anières Program’s members, whom I hadn’t seen for a long time, and it was very refreshing, especially during such difficult days, to take a break and create a slightly different reality.”