High school education program in Israel

The Advantages

Study tracks include matriculation and B.Sc. in Engineering
A Small team of outstanding students
Unique life in a family atmosphere

A Little About Us

The Background

The project is originally based on World ORT’s prestigious education program, which operated in the city of Anières in Switzerland for 50 years, in which hundreds of students were educated and grew to spearhead science, industry, education, and technology throughout the world.

The Program Today

Anières Elite Academy was founded by World ORT Kadima Mada in Israel, with the goal of training Israel’s future leaders in the fields of science and technology, the high-tech industry, academia and public leadership – in order to address the existing shortage of engineers in Israel.

Course of Studies

Anières Elite Academy enables today’s young people to become tomorrow’s success stories, through a prestigious course of studies that begins with high-quality high school studies in the technological matriculation track at the WIZO Nahalal Youth Village, through academic degrees at the Technion. Candidates undergo a rigorous screening process, in which the most suitable youth are selected.

Course of Studies

Quantitative Thinking Exam

In the admission stages of the program, we examine the quantitative thinking of each candidate

Personal interview

We review the personal profile of each candidate, in order to examine the degree of personal and social suitability for the program.

Psycho-technical Exam

The exam explores the technological understanding of the candidates as well as their ability to solve problems and think outside the box.

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