Anières Alumni Association (AAA)


Anières Alumni Association (AAA)

This is an organization and a community for graduates of the program who studied at the WIZO Nahalal Youth Village and / or students who belong to the Aniere’s Elite Academy program. The purpose of this organization is to strengthen the social and family bonds among the members of the community, foster a mutual responsibility towards one another, and support the feeling of belonging and pride in the program and in the State of Israel.

The community will work together collaboratively to promote each and every one of its members. Our vision is for community members to lead and significantly empower the science and technology industry for the benefit of the Israeli society. The community will encourage this by, among other things, mutual assistance in studies, military service, employment integration, networking and joint ventures of community members.

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The Alumni Association is in close contact with the historical Alumni Association of Asnières Geneva and draws its inspiration from it.

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