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A New Academic Year Opening Event

The Anières Program marks the opening of a new academic year at the Technion, in the presence of Prof. Ayelet Fishman, Dean of Students, Dr. Ran Gozli, Senior Vice President at ‘Raphael’ and Head of the Land and Sea Division, and with the participation of 250 Anières Program’s students.

On January 24th, we opened the new academic year with an exciting socio-cultural event attended by 250 students participating in the program, generously hosted by the Andrew and Erna Viterbi Faculty of Electrical & Computer Engineering.

After some mingling and light refreshments, we started the evening with a speech given by the Anières Program manager, Ira Lotman.
She reminded the participants that “the Anières Program is bound to order of the hour, and encourages its entire community to follow values like innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship – to improve our existence. We, the Anières Program’s team, the management of the program, our student council and the entire community – will continue to be available to each and every one of you, and we will harness this year’s great potential for development and new opportunities.”


The Anières Program’s founder and visioner, Marc Hamon, sent his blessing to the students – “Together with the Anières team, I want to congratulate our students, firstly for being part of this amazing institution – the Technion. I could not have found a better home in the whole world for the Anières program. Second,for studying a profession that is in very high demand and that will help you, your family and also the country.”

Jacques Levy, president of the historic Anières Alumni Association, added – “In your turn, within one of the most renowned universities in the world, you will train to one day soon become engineers active in cutting-edge technologies. It is at the end of your studies, once you graduate from the Technion, that you will realize how this journey of self-discovery that you are now undertaking will help shape the person you will become.
To do this, be curious about everything and enjoy every moment.”


The words of the Dean of Students, Prof. Ayelet Fishman, opened with the statement “How exciting it is to see so many students here at the Technion. We missed you.”

Following Prof. Fishman’s speech, Dr. Ran Gozli, Senior Vice President at ‘Raphael’ and Head of the Land and Sea Division, took the stage and gave an inspiring lecture – “On innovation, technology, people, leadership and everything in between”. We received a wealth of managerial perceptions, alongside personal insights, gathered on the basis of a long career at the forefront of Israeli and international technological endeavors.
How enlightening was it to discover that the Anières Program’s values are in such an overlap with those of one of the people leading Israel’s technological innovation.